Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Breakfast - Paul's Place Omelettery Restaurant

EGGS!! My friend took me here a while back and ever since we've been back again and again for omelettes. We usually always come right before their closing time and the place would be pretty empty. We would get the same spot every time. It only opens from 7AM to 3PM by the way. So this time when I saw our spot was taken, I was surprised, then I remembered we were early. We got there around ten-thirty this time, so I guess that's sort of breakfast time and it was pretty busy. I thought I'd switch it up a little this time and try something else other than their yummy omelette. I picked the Veggie Hash and my friend sticked with her usual, the Spanish Omelette with marble rye bread and home made signature jam. Their own hot sauce is great too. My friend also ordered a latte. I really like this place although this time they didn't get my order right. I asked to have the onions taken out (I did ask nicely too :P) but they forgot to, so I had to pick them out as I go. All I can say is good food and good service here. Oh one thing about parking. There's only meter parking around the area. If you want free parking, you'll have to park a few blocks away and walk there, which works for us. It is always good to take a walk after meals. You can always walk on Granville for some gallery viewing and window shopping too :) We walked around and my friend got some pretty flowers to take home~

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