Monday, July 19, 2010

Squamish Big Chief Hike - A&W

We have always heard about how beautiful it is up on the Big Chief but we have not had the chance to go up there until last Saturday. It was about a 2 hour hike each way, and it was like what the warning on the sign says on the way there, 'This is not a walk in the park'. It's not terrible either though. But it is a bit hard on the knees coming down and my legs are still sore. It is however, a very rewarding hike. The view up on the peak is just amazing. There're actually three peaks but we only went to the first one this time, but we're sure we'll be back again for the other two. Here are some pics from hiking :D

I thought I would be very hungry after the big hike but I wasn't. We thought we would head into Squamish and just grab something to eat from A&W and cool ourselves down with their root beers in their big chilled glass mugs! Yes... that was all we wanted and when we got there, we saw a lot of uncleaned tables and piles of used mugs on trays lying around. Apparently they were short on staff and were out of glass mugs :'( So all we got was root beer in take out fountain drink cups... Oh well, better luck next time I guess. So, I think with that extra slice of swiss cheese, the veggie burger at A&W looks a bit classier than other fast food veggie burgers. Look for yourself, pictures! (Fast food after exercise :P yes, that's how healthy we are!)


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