Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Flo Tea Room

When I found out there's another bubble tea/food place close to where I live, I was excited to try it out. The other ones I've tried so far I can't say I'm too impressed with their veggie food :( Hopefully I will go back to those again and write about them later on. But yeah, Flo Tea Room is my latest discovery... and I'm sorry to say, I was quite disappointed. But please don't stop reading, lol. After we were seated, the waitress brought us two cups of tea right away and I thought that was nice because a lot of times they don't give you water or tea at bbtea places. We then looked over the menu and ordered the Stir Fried Dual Mushroom And Fungi On Rice from the set lunch menu. You have the option of adding 2 dollars for a bubble tea with items from the set lunch menu, so we got the Matcha Milk Tea. From the regular menu, there is a page of vegetarian dishes and we ordered the Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice With Pine Nut. I can only say the drink was alright and the food was just... hmm... one was too salty and the other was just not very good. Oh and I think our set meal was supposed to come with a soup, which they did give it to us but I guess the waitress was having a bad day that she just put it down and walked away that we weren't able to catch her in time and ask if it was vegetarian, so we had to ask another waitress and it turned out it had seafood or something in there. I actually wasn't sure why I kept apologizing for being a vegetarian but I did and they just took the soup away without asking if we wanted anything else instead... Anyways, I like how they have a list of vegetarian dishes but I hope their food will improve in time so I would go back again.

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Flo Tea Room

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