Monday, July 12, 2010

Green Basil

A high school friend was back in town visiting last week from Edmonton that a few of us met up for dinner. We picked Green Basil as a midpoint. I would say Green Basil is pretty vegetarian friendly that they take your vegetarian requests politely. I like Thai food a lot and I can't say their vegetarian Phat Thai is too good, but their veggie version of Lettuce Wrap is pretty good. For the Phat Thai (Pad Thai), they asked if I wanted the tamarind sauce or the tomato sauce (I guess that means ketchup?) I'm not sure why I would want tomato sauce on my Phat Thai so I told them the tamarind sauce. The noodles came out a bit too soft. I like the spiciness of the lettuce wrap fillings and the crispy noodles :P I have not yet tried any of their curries though. I think I will try that out next time I'm there. My other vegetarian friend ordered the Fried Tofu with Peanut Sauce. I didn't think it was too good either. The peanut sauce wasn't very peanuty but maybe because I only had a little bit... Oh, their Thai Iced Tea is not too bad, not too sweet like some of the other places, but it also lacks that strong Thai iced tea flavour too :O

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Green Basil

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