Saturday, February 19, 2011

Taiwan Trip - Part VI

I don't really remember what I did this day. I assume nothing particularly interesting happened that's why I can't recall. I do have pictures of what I ate that day though ;)

Lunch or Brunch -
I wanted to have noodles from a close by vegetarian restaurant.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Taiwan Trip - Part V

First day of 2011, it didn't particularly feel like new years day. It was just business as usual, all the stores were open and people were doing their regular everyday stuff.

Started the morning out at 85°C. They are known for their baked goodies at affordable prices. They also have this Sea Salt Coffee. It's quite interesting because you expect it to be salty, and well, it is, but when you order it, they ask you how sweet you would like it to be. So it is actually sweet with a bit of saltiness.

Yummy Cakes...

Seats outside.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Taiwan Trip - Part IV

December 31, last day of 2010, I was busy trying out some outfits all afternoon for a photo shoot in a couple days. My friend from Vancouver just happened to be in Taiwan for her Christmas break as well. This was the first time we met up in Taiwan, it was pretty cool. Before the nights ended, dinner was a must before she headed home that night. It was windy and cold outside that we didn't want to spend time picking places to eat, so we just went into a random restaurant close by. We looked through the menu and they had a couple vegetarian dishes on there and that was good enough for us.