Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Trip to Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon - Part IV - Driftwood Restaurant & Lounge, Tillamook Cheese

Trip to the beach on Day Four - Cannon Beach. The weather wasn't the greatest that day but it was prefect for the beach. It was cloudy, no scorching sun, just some nice gentle breeze and warm sand. We walked around, took pictures and played with sand. There's no soft sandy beaches in Vancouver so it was really nice to walk on the beach :D

Then we strolled around the streets, shops and restaurants and finally settled on Driftwood Lounge and Restaurant for a late lunch. The patio was full so we got a nice window seat to ourselves. The restaurant is decorated with many mini antique liqour bottles, cigarette boxes and stuff on the shelves. I thought that was very cool. I wonder if they are all really from long time ago. The restaurant has quite a few vegetarian items on the menu. We picked the Potato Soup, Garden Burger and the Vegetarian Sandwich. Pretty good food here, I liked their soup and pickles :D Good burger and sandwich too, nothing fancy but good stuff.

Driftwood Inn on Urbanspoon

Then we headed for some desserts at the home of Tillamook Cheese. We had a quick walk around tour, saw the big windows looking down at where they make cheese, tried all the types of sample cheese available at the counter, then it was ice cream time. We were still so full, so we only got one scoop of Oregon Strawberry ice cream on waffle cone. My friends got the fancy kind of waffle cone with two scoops, Chocolate and Espresso Mocha.

Tillamook Creamery & Farmhouse Cafe on Urbanspoon

Driftwood Lounge & Restaurant

Tillamook Cheese


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  2. Thank you for your comment! Really appreciate it :D