Monday, August 2, 2010

Manning Park Camping Trip - Cooking Time and Pinewoods Cafe

We have booked our camping trip for the BC day long weekend at Manning Park well over three month ago, this time with a few first time camper friends. First time for me to try out cooking large quantities of dehydrated food too. It's also to test out dehydrated meals for backpack camping later on. Meals for the trip were simple actually, hash browns, toasts, eggs and veggie hams for breakfasts. Curry, pasta and instant noodles for the rest of the days. I've dehydrated carrots, mushrooms, broccolis, yams, potatoes and lots of rice for cooking curry and instant noodles.

A deer was waiting for us when we arrived at our campsite :D

It was also my first try on dehydrating/rehydrating rice. And after a lot of arguing over how to make the rehydration process smoother, the whole bag of rice was finally dumped into a boiling pot of water and covered up and set aside. To my relieve, the rice turned out pretty good. My friend took some pictures for me with his fancy camera. We also took some pictures too. No cell phone pics this time though, not until later on anyways.

I got the Japanese S&B Tasty Curry Mix, both hot and mild packs and mixed them together. And a can of corn and peas were added into the Curry as well. I did get any pictures of the pasta, but I got some Annie's Mac and Cheese. Here's a link to a Pic of it. A friend recommended me trying it out and I find it a lot better than KD's.

A couple pictures of our breakfast. Veggie Ham, Hash Brown and Eggs~

Our last day came quickly. With our friends out of food, we thought we would go have brunch at the resort restaurant on our way back. The campsite is about ten minutes away from Manning Park Resort area and that's where you can find pay phone too because the whole area does not have cellphone reception. There are lots of cute ground squirrels by the restaurant and the lake area. I seriously think they are way too spoiled. If you feed them something less than tasty they would just throw it aside. A couple more pictures of me and animals my friend took.

Resort Area

We got to the restaurant just before they were switching from breakfast buffet to lunch buffet. The waitress was so busy that she forgot to inform us they have a lunch buffet too. Our non-vegetarian friends decided to go with the breakfast buffet in its last 10 minutes because they felt it was a better value than ordering off the lunch menu. We could have had buffet too. Basically the only thing we wouldn't eat were sausages and bacons. But since it was about 10 dollars per person for the buffet and the veggie burger on the menu was around the same price too, us vegetarians agreed on ordering off the menu rather than getting rushed. It was basically a pick between the Veggie Quesadilla and the Veggie Burger and all four of us went with the burger. I got the salad instead of fries. It was fries, soup or salad and the soup was beef that day. I thought the burger was pretty good.

My burger with salad and blue cheese dressing.

Veggie burger with fries.

My friend's breakfast buffet.

Pinewoods(Manning Park Resort)

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