Thursday, July 22, 2010

Green Basil - Revisit

Monday night was a dinner date with an old high school friend that works at the airport who has helped me out so many times at the counter. Originally we were going to go for Sushi Garden on Kingsway but we found out it was a busy place even for a Monday night. We didn't want to wait for a table plus it was so noisy inside, we thought we should just go next door to Green Basil. Last time we had the more traditional rice noodle vegetarian phat thai with tamarind sauce, this time we switched it up with the egg noodle phat thai with tomato sauce. It's funny if u look a the picture, it really didn't look so much like phat thai anymore, but it tasted pretty good. We also got the mixed vegetables(I can't recall the name) and some rice to go with. The waitress asked if spicy was okay and I told her it's fine and expected it to be spicy but it was not at all :O Oh well.

Green Basil

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