Monday, June 21, 2010

Veggie Bunch Vegetarian Restaurant - Taiwanese Vegetarian Buffet

We've been waiting for Veggie Bunch to reopen ever since it decided to relocate. It's been reopened for a couple months now at its new location on Buswell Street, between Park and Cook Road.

I find that their food is even better than before. The dishes are less greasy and even more delicate. My favourites have always been the stir fried cabbages and veggie sweet and sour porks. Couldn't find cabbages this time, but the sweet and sour porks are still great :) Their soups are yummy too. Hot and sour soup and Chinese herbal medicine soup were the choices that day and I had both. Oh, and they also have the sweet red bean soup, steamed dumplings inside bamboo steamers as well as a big selection of tasty vegetarian dishes. And of course, how can a buffet be completed without ice creams :P Yes, they have a fridge full of buckets of ice creams too!

Some pictures I took of my plates :D and the buffet dishes.

Veggie Bunch on Urbanspoon

Veggie Bunch (Urban Spoon)

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