Monday, July 26, 2010

3G - Vegetarian Restaurant

We have been wanting to go back to 3G for dim sum for a long time but the thing with dim sum is that you need to go with more than two people, the more people the better, so you can order more varieties of dishes. We ordered about 14 items and we had 5 people, 4 guys and 1 gal and everyone was pretty full after. I like 3G a lot, they emphasize heavily on how they don't use MSG. A lot of my friends don't take MSG well so this is a good place for them. Just want to mention one more thing about them, they also have the best fried rice ever! I will write about it next time I get it :)

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  1. looks yummy. Where is 3G?!

  2. 3G is on Cambie between 18th and 17th

  3. close, it is just South of 18 (so between 18th and 19th) and is on the East side of Cambie.