Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Trip to Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon - Part I - IHOP

To celebrate Canada Day, we decided to take a five day trip down to the states shopping and sight seeing with friends. We were grateful to be able to tag along and stay with our friends at their sister's place. They are just so great. Very fun and caring people ^^.

We drove down on Wednesday evening and on our way there we grabbed a bite from Burger King but I forgot to take pics again >.< I am sure I will have BK again soon though, so I am not too worried about that.

The second day we went to IHOP for breakfast and guess what, I forgot again... But... luckily, IHOP was just steps away from where they live and we had breakfast again there another day. It's not that IHOP in the states is that different from the ones in Canada, but I don't go there often so it's good to be able to write about it while I have the chance. We found out that IHOP is currently promoting the movie Despicable ME. They were all wearing cute yellow t-shirts with minions on them. We ordered the CinniMinion from the special menu and a Mushroom and Spinach Omelette from the regular menu with another side order of Hash Browns. The omelette also comes with three pancakes. The first time there, we ordered the omelette and the Garden Stuffed Crepes and we had trouble finishing it, but we still managed it at the end. (yes... I eat a lot) For the same price or cheaper, I find that food portion is always bigger in The states. We have never had problems finishing our plates back at home, and like I said, we eat a lot ~.~ Anyways, I enjoyed everything we ordered, here are some pics. The last picture is what my friend ordered. I think it was the Danish Fruit Crepes with Blueberry.


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