Monday, July 12, 2010

Chill Restaurant and Lounge

We have been to Chill a few times after our weekly badminton play. They really only have two main vegetarian meals, one is the Spicy Tofu Hot Pot and the other, Vegetarian Donburi. I have only ordered the donburi once and it tasted pretty bland and it had a lot of onions. All other times I've had the spicy tofu hot pot, it is good but it is pretty spicy. Ordering it as a set meal it would come with a soup, salad and rice. Ordering it alone as a hot pot, you will need to order rice separately. It is a bit tricky for vegetarians because the soup might not be vegetarian nor the salad. If you want to order it as a set, you should ask the waitress to make sure they make everything vegetarian for you. I think ordering the hot pot by itself and add a bowl of rice is a better option and value. Last time we ordered it as a set, we got Iceberg Lettuce Salad because they ran out of the Mixed Greens and they didn't even offer us a vegetarian soup substitute. I like the spicy hot pot but I wish they would have more vegetarian dishes on the menu. I'm sure we will be back more often if they did. We also ordered the Cill Tofu(deep fried tofu) that time.

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Chill Restaurant & Lounge

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