Monday, January 13, 2014

Ramen Sanpachi

Ramen Sanpachi has been on my to-visit list for a while now. Ever since I heard about my friends going there for the veggie ramen I have been waiting to go try it out. Ramen could be considered to be a pretty simple dish in the sense that it's easy to put together, but the prep work is where the skill lies. The most important ingredient is the soup base which takes a long time to cook up and that's usually never vegetarian, so ramen places are known to be not vegetarian friendly. I'm very glad to be a vancouverite that almost all types of restaurants now offer some kind of vegetarian option here.

My sister in law was back in town and we were meeting up for lunch with a pregnant friend who out of the choices of ramen, thai and others, picked ramen :), so sanpachi we went. It was pretty quiet inside when we got there, just us and one other table. 

We all ordered the same thing, which is the only veggie ramen option on the menu and the soup base is made of veggie stock. We also added an egg to the ramen. I enjoyed my ramen, so did the other two ladies. There really aren't that many veggie ramen to compare with, or at least from what I have had, but I would still have to say it was just alright. However I'm really glad they have the option and hope to see more and try in the future.

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Friday, January 10, 2014


Heard from a friend about this new veggie pho place, thought I should go try it out and see what's different comparing to Chau Veggie Express. So finally I got a chance to go with my girl friends for a weekday lunch, and this is a few months ago by the way, I'm updating my blog in turtle speed :( While there is free street parking right in the front, nothing close was available when we were there, so we found parking behind the restaurant residential area and walked through a shortcut alley/vacant land beside the store. 

Some picture of inside.


The child seat they have is the type that straps onto the chair.

So we just ended up all ordering the same thing because everyone wanted soup noodle :) I thought it was good even though it is simpler than Chau's. The soup flavour is lighter for sure. The portion is pretty big, lots of noodles to fill you up. It's nice and clean inside and the service is great. I'll be coming back to try out more items on the menu next time :)

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Baan Wasana

It's my second time at Baan Wasana. My first visit was enjoyable so I thought it would be nice to have another lunch gathering there when my friends decided to meet up around Kerrisdale area for coffee.

Their service is friendly, but I actually didn't get to know about their veggie menu until the second time there. First time we just asked to have veggie versions prepared and the second time we mentioned we are all vegetarians and the waitress came back with the veggie menu and told us instead of the regular oyster sauce, they use mushroom sauce. It's always great to see a separate vegetarian menu and feel loved :D

veggie menu

my pad thai

friends' thai iced tea and pad ke mao

Everyone enjoyed their food and the meal portions are pretty large too. The place is not big but both times we were able to get seating for 4 or more people at the back no problem. Nice to have the back area to ourselves but the downside is it's by the kitchen and it gets very hot. It's definitely a nice little restaurant to dine at when you are in Kerrisdale. I will come back again for more veggie thai food for sure.

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Waffle Gone Wild

I thought I have finished this and posted it already but apparently it has been sitting in my saved posts for months... So back in May I took my sis-in-law, niece and Korean twin sis to Waffle Gone Wild using this voucher I bought online. Everyone was busy on different days and finally we decided to go on a Tuesday, which I was wondering to myself at the time why I felt we couldn't agree on a day when Tues was wide open. And when we got there, I remembered why... they are closed on Tuesdays... I have checked their website before but after a bunch of rescheduling I forgot about their day-off. So we had to go back again the next day.

Clean and cozy inside. We picked the sit by the end wall. The owner was very friendly and helpful that she kept coming by to ask if we needed any help and also explained to us what was included and not included on the menu with the voucher. For drinks we decided on getting two matcha latte, one hot chocolate and a bubble tea. 

For waffles we got strawberry, banana nutella, and one with ice cream, also a savory one with apple and cheese. We get to have one free add-on to each of our waffles. What we actually wanted was ice cream but I ordered mochi ice cream instead of real scoops of ice cream :( Somehow I misread mochi ice cream for matcha ice cream. But waffles were still yummy and mochi ice cream was good as always. We had a fun time enjoying our food and drinks and chatted away like we were the only table there. We will for sure come back again for more waffles and girl dates :)

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Vancouver Veggi Pizza

We have been ordering from Vancouver Veggi Pizza for a few times now since my friend mentioned it to us. Their big selling points for them are of course all vegetarian pizzas and that they use cheese without rennet. They also have specialty pizzas that are pretty cool like their paneer special. So one large pizza is $14 and the 2 for 1 deal is two large pizzas for $25. So far we are pretty happy with their pizzas. We have tried all the pizzas and have ordered Canadian pizza the most. I'm hoping to try the veggie burger sometimes in the future too :)

(I found this menu online and have been using it to order)

(in store menu)



(canadian pizza)

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Friday, March 8, 2013

The Parker

Last week for a good friend's birthday, I thought we should go try out The Parker, another recently opened vegetarian restaurant in Vancouver.  We weren't sure if we needed reservation but I was glad we did, because when we got there around 7:30pm, the place was pretty much packed. The restaurant is small, maybe 5 or so tables for 2 and then bar seats. 

We each got one of the none alcoholic drink they have, it was good :) After looking through the menu we decided to just get everything except the Ravioli. Since it's sharing style and on the bottom of the menu it says 5 plates for 2 people is suggested, 11 items sounded about right for 4 of us. 

First dish we got. I actually don't think this is on the menu, but I think they were quail eggs.

Then Kimchi.
Sunchoke soup with Taro chips (sooo good)

Taro chips and Warm Jersey Blue Cheese with sesame crackers

Chickpea fries with special house-made ketchup (gooood)

Barbecue mushroom mini tacos

Kohlrabi (pickled ginger with miso dressing and seaweed) (not too bad)

Radishes (with salt and butter)

Potato Gnocchi(top) Shiitake mushroom and smoked soy(bottom)

Sous Vide Beets

Braised beans (not bad)

Finally, my friend ordered the Mini Creme Brulee from the dessert menu.

In the beginning we were all thinking that we were probably going to be still hungry after all the dishes. We had three big guys and one hungry breastfeeding mom, but surprisingly we all felt pretty full afterwards. Chickpea fries, Sunchoke soup with Taro Chips, and Braised beans were the dishes we enjoyed the most after trying out all the items we ordered. We would definitely recommend ordering the chickpea fries and the soup. In fact the table next to us, who came in after us that looked like they had been there before, the only things they ordered were the fries and soup. They knew what to go for ;)

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