Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Trip to Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon - Part III - Subway

Trip Day Three. Plan for the day was Mount St. Helens in the morning and shopping at Woodburn Outlet Mall in the afternoon. Just so you know, this is going to be a very short entry because I forgot to take pictures again ~.~ On our way from Mount St. Helens to Woodburn we agreed on having subway. We needed something lighter and perhaps a little healthier as we had been eating too much the previous day. Subway offers two vegetarian option, the Veggie Delight and the Veggie Patty. I always go for the veggie patty because it is more filling. We really like eating at Subway on our trips in the states. It's good when we don't know where to go or just want something quick to eat that's not greasy. Oh and sometimes you won't see Veggie Patty on their menu so just ask for it, most of the time they should have it.

I'm sorry but I only have a picture of my food half way through eating and since it doesn't look too gross, I thought I'd have it up anyways... I have some pictures from Mt St Helens too.

We had a quick dinner at Fresca's Mexican Grill in Woodburn Outlet Mall. I totally forgot about pictures... not even half eaten ones... If you want to know, we ordered Veggie Wrap and Veggie Burritos. They were actually not too bad. My friends had some chicken from Pan Asian Express next door to the Mexican. They said it was not very good, the rice was undercooked. We wanted asian too but we didn't see anything vegetarian and to be honest, we thought mexican would be safer than asian at an area like that.


Fresca's Mexican Grill

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