Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The One Restaurant

After Thai, my friends suggested moving over to another place for drinks and desserts. They told us about this bubble tea place called The One. When we got there it was full of young people, well, just like any other bubble tea place I guess :P It was a really hot day that day and we wanted something COLD. So we all ordered shaved ice. We got the Deluxe Shaved Ice with added pudding, my friends got Pudding & Milk Shaved Ice, Fresh Mango Shaved Ice and Fresh Strawberry Shaved Ice. I think we pretty much covered every shaved ice on the menu. The bowl was big, only one of my friends who ate by himself managed to finish the whole bowl, all others had to stop because they got too cold after eating so much ice. I haven't had shaved ice for a long long time and I enjoyed it even though I got cold too :P

Next is part two of The One Restaurant(Second visit).

So we decided to give it a try after badminton the other night. It was pretty full when we got there and we had a party of eight so we read the menu and waited for a bit. My friend talked to the owner about their vegetarian dishes and what they can do for us. They were pretty nice about it :) We didn't know if the portions were going to be big because the price on the hot pot was a bit higher than other places, but we thought we would order two dishes still and it turned out the portions were pretty big and we couldn't finish all... We ordered The One Deluxe Herbal Vegetarian Hot Pot and the Vegetable Fried Rice. My friend got the Seasonal Vegetable with Noodle In Soup. The hot pot also came with a tiny tea pudding. They have very good service, especially one of the waitresses there was so considerate ^^ The fried rice was a little salty but the hot pot was not bad. I would definitely go back again for the good service and shaved ice!

Oh and the owner of this place also owns the karaoke place next door. I'm not sure if there's a minimum order but they would give you a $10 off coupon on your food receipt for the karaoke next door.

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The One Restaurant

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