Monday, July 19, 2010

Girls Night Out - Sawasdee and Thomas Haas

Last Friday night was girl's night out for me and some of my girl friends. The plan was simple, to have Thai for dinner, then do nails at a friend's place and enjoy the desserts from Thomas Haas.

Thomas Haas closes at 5:30PM so we had to go pick up some sweets early since our dinner reservation was not until 7:00PM. It was my third time there and finally I got some pics of the store this time, AND also finally saw the store owner himself, Thomas Haas :) We didn't get a chance to talk to him but he seemed really nice and really cute too. He actually looks a bit like Hugh Jackman but a size smaller. When we got there around 4, most of the cakes were gone already. We didn't really see any cake we wanted to eat so we settled on getting their famous Double Baked Almond Croissants, some Macarons and Fresh Fruit Galette(I'm actually not sure if that's the name of what we got) I would say the best is the croissant. It is soooo good :D I would recommend it. I've always wanted to have one of those expensive macarons and when I finally did, it was good but not really a wow for me. I guess I will have to try some from other stores to compare.

For dinner, we picked Sawasdee Thai Restaurant on Main Street. It has won quite a few recognitions and awards. They actually don't have a lot of vegetarian stuff on their menu but you can always ask them to make dishes vegetarian. My friend ordered a Phad Thai to be vegetarian and it came with just noodles pretty much so my friend asked them how come the taken out prawns weren't substituted with vegetables, not even tofu. They said sorry and took it back and came back with another phad thai with lots of veggies. It was weird though, I thought they would have had it right the first time. I was a bit disappointed but at least they fixed it. I've been having a lot of phat thai lately so I ordered Kang Pak, mixed vegetables cooked in red curry and coconut milk. And we ordered a big plate of rice to share. I liked my curry, it was medium spicy and was perfect for me. My friend's phat thai was however, a bit sour. Sorry I only got two pics and my curry was half eaten in the picture... we were so hungry by the time we start dinner so when the food came I totally forgot about pictures and just started eating... Overall, my friends were not too impressed with the food there. I like the place but I don't think I will be back there again shortly either.

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  1. If you want vegetarian I would recommend going to a vegetarian restaurant! To go to a restaurant and modify the dishes is kind of rude, it isn't subway! Then you sent the dish back because the chef should have known to add vegetables? Please be grateful for the special dish you recieve and know that the chef can't read your mind!

  2. Yeah, I totally understand, sorry if what I wrote sounded rude. My friend actually isn't vegetarian, just likes her food to be made right, either veggie or non-veggie, but we are grateful for special requests for sure :) it's not always easy to dine out as a vegetarian so I would like to talk about it and let people know where are more vegetarian friendly that's all :)