Monday, August 23, 2010

The Foundation

Friday night, we wanted to find a place to sit down, chat and snack. Then we remembered how good the nachos are at the Foundation. Six of us got there at around 1030pm, waited for maybe fifteen minutes or so for a table big enough for us.

I would say they probably have the best nachos in Vancouver. It's such a good value, 15 dollars for the large size nachos and that stuffed up all six of us. We added guacamole for 3 dollars, not the daily special though, not this time. I recommend adding it, it is only 1 dollar and it's full of goodies. The only down side of the nachos is that they can't do any special orders for it because it's just too popular they simply don't have time to do any alternation to it.

I tried taking a couple pics for the nachos but as you can see below, they just turned out too dark. Not enough lighting for my phone to take any decent pictures. Fortunately, I found some Foundation Nachos pictures online.(Thank you Ashley)

My attempts:

All gone~

I got the cherry vanilla drink. I thought it was really good :)

Some more dark pictures of inside the restaurant.


Updates - Oct 31, 2012
These pictures are actually from a while back too, probably last summer...

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The Foundation (Urban Spoon)

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