Wednesday, November 3, 2010


The online group coupons have become very popular recently. I got a WagJag deal for Atithi a while ago, 10 dollars for 20 dollars. To dine-in, it's only valid from Sunday to Thursday but it's good for pick up seven days a week, so I decided to just get a pick up.

Took a pic inside while waiting for them to find my take out. It's a cute little place with a lot of wine bottles on the wall. The waitresses were very friendly both on the phone and in person.

Take Out Bag.

Palak Panner

Mutter Panner

Lots of cheese cubes in the curry. A lot more than any other places that I've had curry at. There's also a taste of ginger in the curry. I thought that was very different. Using the coupon, I paid a little more than six dollars. Both curries come with naan bread and rice, I actually wasn't expecting that. Pretty good value for the price. I liked the food but the place is a bit far from where I live. I wouldn't might going there again if there's chance in the future though :)


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  1. Hi,
    I really enjoy reading your blog. I am so glad to find a food blog that writes about vegetarian restaurants.I am slowly trying to turn away from meat by choice though I am still like fish. I always thought it was difficult to find places to have veggies meals but after reading your blog I now have lots of choices based on your suggestions.
    I have been to Athiti once and it was quite a good experience. They do serve quality good food

  2. Thank you for your comment :) It feels really good to know that my blog is helping. I find that more and more restaurants are becoming veggie friendly and that's always great news. I hope you are enjoying dining out, have fun trying out new place! ^^