Monday, November 15, 2010

Kamei Royale

Last time I was here at Kamei Royale, it was still under renovation. It's good to be back and see how nice it has become :)


I didn't really look through the menu too much. The vegetarian boat was right at the top and I just wanted to have that because I've never had a veggie boat before. I suppose it is similar to a veggie box, but still, it's not fair they always have boats for sashimi or other rolls but never for veggie ones, so I just had to try this out.

So here it is, The Vegetarian Boat

It has Agedashi Tofu, Goma-Ae, Vegetable Tempura and Avocado & Kappa Roll. There was another person who was eating at the counter also ordered a veggie boat :) I saw a big boat on the food cart and I thought my order came but it went over to the counter. It was a little disappointing that I had to wait a little more longer to get mine, but it was worth the wait.

The food here is pretty good, service is great, and the place is beautiful. I will be back for more lunches for sure. And just when I was about to leave, I saw some desserts people ordered and they looked so delicious... I know I will be coming back to try those out too! I can't wait!

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Kamei Royale


  1. Man!! You are a live saver. Company Lunch at this restaurant in the coming week. Normally I would skip cause its hard to find good vegetarian dishes at a Japanese Restaurant but after reading your post I have a small hope that I might survive at this place! I'll let you know after, how it goes! Thanks!

  2. Thank you Jaz for your comment :) It's very nice of you and I'm glad to be some help!!