Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pearl Castle (Richmond Centre)

It was another girls' day out. We decided on having lunch at Richmond Center's Pearl Castle.

The place is nicely decorated and well lit. We went on Saturday around 1pm and my friend was there earlier to make sure we got a table. The place was very busy the whole time we were there, but it didn't seem like there was any line up because there was always people leaving and coming in.


Not a lot of veggie dishes on their menu but enough for me to pick something I wanted. I thought I would try their Veggie Mock Chicken With Three Spices and I also ordered a pot of green milk tea with pearls. I like how their hot teas are all in pots and pearls in a separate cup as well.

Chatting and waiting for food

Green Milk Tea and Fried Crispy Abalone Mushroom

Fried Crispy Abalone Mushroom

Veggie Mock Chicken With Three Spices

I thought my veggie meal was pretty good. The mock chicken they have is made of mashed tofu balls. I think it might be healthier than the usual mock chicken products. The mashed tofu balls tasted the same as the ones I had at 4 Stones Vegetarian Restaurant, I wonder if they could be the same ones. The bubble tea was very good too :) I would be back again for food and bbtea. Hopefully they will have more veggie meals in the future.

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