Saturday, November 13, 2010

East Fusion Food

My first time back eating at Tinseltown since I started working. I remember there used to be a Chinese fusion restaurant upstairs called Wild Ginger. I'm not sure when it was closed but we used to go there all the time for goodbye lunches as there always seemed to be someone leaving the company every week. The food was not too bad and it was really cheap but we eventually had to stop going because people got tired of the food there. So when I got back, they told me Wild Ginger is no longer there but there's a new on the ground level called East Fusion Food. My friend who just started working in Gastown wanted to meet up for lunch so we decided to just go there for a try.

A show or movie was filming inside Tinseltown that day. The Christmas set was amazing. When I walked in I thought they were doing the Christmas decoration already.


The place seemed very busy but we didn't have to wait. We looked over the menu and decided on the Mixed Mushroom Chow Mein and Curry Mixed Vegetable.

Mixed Mushroom Chow Mein

Curry Mixed Vegetable

My Plate

I wouldn't say the place is cheap but the portion is definitely big. The two of us only finished half of each dishes. I'm not sure if this is really fusion food though, but if serving Chinese food on fancier plates is fusion then I guess you can call this fusion. I wouldn't say the food is that great, it's alright. The chow mien didn't have much flavour, the curry was better. So we ended up adding curry to the chow mien on our plates and it was actually not too bad. I guess I wouldn't mind coming back here again if I just want somewhere close for work lunch but I will definitely be sharing the food or have it as both my lunch and dinner :)

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