Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sushi California

The original plan was meeting up with some old friends that we haven't seen for a few years at the bowling alley. But when we got there, we were only to find out that the place was booked out for a private event. Good thing the weather was nice and we quickly decided we should all just go to Deer Lake for a nice walk.

We certainly took our time walking around the lake. We were so slow that I kept seeing people with kids and strollers passing by us. It was a nice walk though and beautiful autumn sceneries. Great place to take pictures that we saw two couples taking their wedding pictures there.

By the time we finished our walk it was almost five in the afternoon so we thought we could grab something to eat since some of us didn't have lunch yet. Our friends suggested Sushi California on North Road, it's close to where they live and they go there often.

It was very busy when we got there even though it was still very early for dinner. Almost all the tables were taken so we had to sit right by the entrance.

They have quite a few veggie items to choose from on their menu. We weren't too sure how big the portion of their rolls are so we just ordered a bunch of stuff. Turned out the portion is pretty big for the price. We got the Vegetable Combo, tamago sushi, yam tampura roll, and agedashi tofu(with fish flakes taken out).

I thought their food was okay, the veggie roll was interesting in their choice of veggies used together. But it's definitely good value, huge rolls that you can't eat in one bite. I thought the agadashi tofu was the best for the price. For $3.25, you get about six pieces of tofu and they're pretty good too. The service is nice too. If I lived in the area, I wouldn't might coming here for more sushi :)

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