Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Well Tea Downtown

I've been going to Well Tea for lunch for quite a few times already, I just haven't had the time to write about it yet. Located next to BCIT downtown campus, this is the Well Tea downtown location.

The menu is the same as the Richmond location. I can't remember if they have little clock symbols on the menu or not, but the menu downtown has those and that means those dishes would take longer to prepare. I thought that's a nice touch.

I think I have tried out most of the veggie dishes on the menu.

Vegetarian Kong Pao Chicken

Veggie Chicken in Three Spices

I forgot the name of this dish.

Veggie Stir Fry

It is quite busy during lunch, the little buzzer machines they have on the tables work pretty well for ordering and getting the bill, but the wait for getting changes back is unusually long. It's just not fun sitting there waiting when you're ready to leave and go back for work. But you could always just walk up to the cashier and ask for it.

It says on the menu when ordering vegetarian dishes, please remember to tell them if you would like the side dishes to be vegetarian as well. I would recommend you just not have them or give to your non-vegetarian friends. I've told them at least twice that I would like to have the dishes vegetarian and still found shrimps in them every time. Also that when they're busy, it is very possible that they might make your orders wrong, especially with dishes that have the same names as non-vegetarian dishes, such as vegetarian kong pao chiken or veggie chicken in three spices. My friend who is not a vegetarian wanted to try out the veggie kong pao chicken but he ended up getting the real kong pao chicken. I would double check with them if you have doubt about your order, it is always good to double check. It has happened to me before too at other places. Despite the mistakes they've made, overall this is still a good place to have lunch and it does have a good selection of vegetarian food.

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