Friday, October 1, 2010

Yamato Sushi

Yamato Sushi is a small place on Davie between Granville and Seymour St. I forgot to take a picture from outside, but it's painted in red and if you don't look carefully you'll surely miss it. The seating is very limited so if you don't have to eat in, it's always a good idea to do a take out.

I have to say they probably make the best fancy vegetarian rolls I've ever had. Actually, I don't really know any other sushi places that make vegetarian rolls like that. They have regular rolls too, but if you are looking for the ones that I had, then you have to look under Famous Roll on the menu. I've always thought they only had the Victoria Roll and Panda Roll for vegetarians because those are what I've always had and see on the take out menu. This time, when I was there, they didn't have the Panda Roll available so I discovered another roll, the Totem Roll. It's the top one in the picture below. And you can see it has inari on top, yum :D

This is a place that I will definitely come back again and again :)

Victoria Roll and Totem Roll (Famous Roll)

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