Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cactus Club Cafe (on Robson street)

So I take it that most people already know that Cactus Club Cafe has changed a lot, not only with their new menu by Canada's only Iron Chef Rob Feenies, or their restaurant design and atmosphere, but also all the friendly hot hostesses and waitresses. Although my friend said they've always had cute waitresses, I'm not too sure, at least I notice it a lot more now than before.


So originally we were going to order one of Chef Feenie's Signatures, which sadly are mostly non-vegetarian dishes, but because of some miscommunication, we ended up getting a garden burger and a spinach + artichoke quesadilla.

Spinach + artichoke quesadilla. Very good for a light meal :)

I always get the garden burger and switch the fries to yam fries... love it!!

Side view of my burger.

I like their food and I've been here many times but still have not had a chance to try any of Chef Feenie's Signatures. I will be back again for it for sure next time.

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Cactus Club Cafe


  1. Man i miss the spinach artichoke quesadilla SO bad, they have like 3 vegetarian items on their whole menu, why would they take their one best thing off? Ive never been back there since

  2. I didn't know they took that off the menu, that's just too bad :( I finally tried one of the veggie RF Signature dishes, rob's goat cheese + feta flatbread. I thought it was really good :) Not a big fan of goat cheese, I enjoyed it a lot.