Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Acme Cafe

Took a nice walk through woodwards building during lunch break. My first time here since the area has changed. I actually saw quite a few reviews about Acme Cafe, that's how I know about the place.

Very Cute and Cozy inside, it's quite a contrast with the neighbourhood.

Their Menu

They don't really have a lot of veggie dishes. We looked through the menu and decided to get the Spinach Salad and the Veggie Sandwich. I love cheese but I'm really not a big fan of goat cheese. The reason for it is probably because my first experience with it was traumatic. I've never tried goat cheese until my trip to Egypt a few years ago. During one of the meals there, the restaurant/hut by the beach resort had a very small menu and the only vegetarian dish they offered was grilled goat cheese sandwich. So imagine two toasts with lots of goat cheese in between. It was terrifying. I felt like I was chewing furs the whole time. I did not want to ever have goat cheese again after that. Whenever I smell goat cheese I just want to get away from it. Not sure if I didn't read Acme's menu clearly or what, I actually gave goat cheese a second chance, and thankfully I did. I enjoyed the sandwich so much. The goat cheese flavour was not very strong but enough to know that it's goat cheese. The sandwich was filled with grilled vegetables. It was just so yum :) As for the salad, it was good but nothing too special. It had goodies like walnuts and cranberries and more goat cheese! Now I think of it, I wonder what I was thinking that day...

Spinach Salad without bacon.

Veggie Sandwich

Close up.

I definitely recommend the veggie sandwich and I would come back for it again for sure :)

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Acme cafe

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