Monday, September 27, 2010

Spicy Vegetarian Cuisine

This is our first time at the Spicy Vegetarian Cuisine. We've passed by this restaurant many times and heard friends talked about it. Finally we got the chance to try it out for a late dinner.

As soon as we walked in, we found out it's a cash only place. We only had 24 dollars in bills and coins so it was time to take out the calculator on my phone and see what we could get for dinner.

At first I wanted to get the HK style stir fried noodle but thought we should probably try something special that we could only get there. I called up my brother who has been here quite a few times. He told me to try out the Deep Friend Noodle Nest. After some careful calculations, we decided to get it and an order of Noodle with Hot Bean sauce.

I'm not sure why the place is called Spicy Vegetarian Cuisine because I didn't find either dish we ordered spicy. I liked both of them though. The portions were pretty big too. We had to take three fried noodle nest home at the end.

Noodle with Hot Bean Sauce

Deeo Fried Noodle Nest

Inside is yummy taro :)


Spicy Vegetarian Cuisine is a small and cozy vegetarian restaurant. The waitresses are very helpful and nice. I think the owner was walking around talking to their regular customers. He came by and asked if everything was good. I liked the food and I think I will be back again for sure.

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