Thursday, October 7, 2010

Presto Cucina (Kitsilano)

We were blessed with such wonderful weather the whole week last week it was unbelievable. We took advantage of the great weather and went by two beaches on Saturday. First we cycled to UBC in the afternoon. Then in the early evening, our friends came pick us up to go to Kitsilano.

Some pictures I took at UBC.

We walked along the beach for a while and my friends were getting hungry so I suggested we should be adventurous for once and just go up to W4th and pick a random restaurant. Everyone agreed. We passed by a couple places that looked pretty nice but we ended up at Presto Cucina. I guess because it looked cute and welcoming with the long sliding door open.

There was no one at the front door when we walked in, we were unsure what to do so we just found ourselves a table first, sat down and waited for someone to come over. After a long time, we were still there without menus or hellos that we thought maybe we needed to go up to the counter inside and order food there. We thought maybe it was a cafeteria style place where we would need to get our own food and come back to our table. So we walked over and overheard another couple already talking to a waitress on the other side of the counter. Apparently they had waited long too and were as confused as we were so they asked for help. We then went back to our seats and the waitress finally came over with water and menu. There were only 2 or 3 waitress there the whole time we were there, I seriously don't know how they do it. The waitresses were not rude or anything but the service was painfully slow... So I went online to check some reviews and it looks like they've been like this for a while... So I guess most people are okay with it.

Saw this in the women's washroom, thought it was funny :D Heard there wasn't one in the guy's washroom.


We ordered Tri-Coloured Rotini Giardino and Spinach and Cheese Canneloni Al Forno. We had the Rotini in dinner size serving. My friend got one in lunch portion and it was a lot smaller than mine.

Tri-Coloured Rotini Giardino

Cheese Canneloni Al Forno

Overall the food was pretty good but not too big in portion. We were okay but my friends were still hungry after eating. This is a pretty cute place to come eat and chat if you're not in a hurry. It was fun being adventurous too. We'll definitely be doing it again soon :)

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Presto Cucina

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