Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tofurky Thanksgiving!

Last weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving. I remember that last year was my sister-in-law's first Thanksgiving. She saw Tofurky boxes in the store so she decided to get one for the holiday. My brother said they heard about it from the TV show Friends. This year she's away with the baby, so I called my brother up to ask about Tofurky, since I was curious and have never had it before. It was sold out at the Market Place IGA by his place where they got it last year, so we went to the one on Main Street and 14th Ave. There were still at least 5 boxes when we picked up ours.

So these are the things you get from the box set. I believe they have a smaller box with probably just the tofurky itself that you can get too.

Tofurky(the wrap on it had been taken off in the pic), cranberry-apple potato dumplings and mushroom gravy.

Also comes with a wishstix :)

Tofurky on tin foil.

This is the sauce for roasting the tofurky if you read the instruction on the box. We mixed together olive oil, soy sauce and added some basil.

Put the sauce on the Tofurky.

Wrap it up.

And into the oven.

Boil dumplings in water first.

Then into a frying pan.

Pan fry until golden brown :D

Thawing the mushroom gravy in a bowl of hot water. (We didn't have enough time to properly thaw everything.)

Cooking and warming up the gravy in a pot.

Tofurky is supposed to be in the oven for one hour and a half. My brother set the timer to 45 mins, half way, so he could have it out and add more sauce to it.

Dumplings and tofurky all done :)

Cut up tofurky. It has stuffings inside. (I didn't do a good job cutting it >.< Not experienced...)

Tofurky Thanksgiving dinner :) I also made cream of cauliflower soup but I forgot to take pics. Bro pan fried some peas and corns and made some stuffings with those pre-mixed ones. (forgot to take pics of that too...)

It was plenty of food for the three of us that we had leftovers. I think we might have overcooked the tofurky a little because the outside was hard. We all thought it was a bit too salty both inside and outside, but might be because of our sauce, although we didn't remember using too much soy sauce. We thought the dumplings were pretty good, we all liked that. Overall it was a good meal and I had fun too. The good thing about eating over at my brother's place is that I don't have to do anything, well maybe except the dishes :P My brother is really good at cooking and he usually takes care of everything. I will get him to cook some of his special dishes and post them up in the future.

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