Monday, September 13, 2010


My badminton friends have been coming here for a while as Sasaya is one of the places that's still open after 10PM on weekdays and also that it has a good page full of vegetarian menu.

Menu Cover

Veggie Menu

I really wanted to order the vegetarian bibimbop but it was also cold that night and I wanted hot pot too. So finally I gave up on ordering the bibimbop because we were already getting the fried rice and it would be too much rice, so I settled for the hot pot. However, one of my non-vegetarian friend was nice enough to order the vegetarian bibimbop so I could take a picture. He actually said I could have some too but I felt bad and didn't. It was really cool though, we had four people eating vegetarian meals that night ^^

Here it is, the veggie bibimbop :) doesn't it look soooo good. (I know what I'm getting next time)

Spicy Tofu Stewed Rice (Mapo Tofu)

Vegetarian Fried Rice

Vegetarian Mushroom Pot

Their food is pretty good. Lots of goodies in the mushroom hotpot. It came with a bowl of rice and there's also rice noodle in the hotpot too, so it is very filling. I liked the fried rice too. We were so full that we almost couldn't finish. The only downside was that they don't have vegetarian hotpot sauce, so I just used the Korean hot sauce that came with my friend's bibimbop. Sasaya is one of the places we would be going back again and again after badminton for sure.

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Sasaya(Urban Spoon)