Tuesday, September 7, 2010

No.9 Restaurant

It was nine-thirty in the morning on a Saturday, we were trying to decide where to kill an hour of time while waiting for the car to be serviced. Good thing our car shop was right across from Lansdowne Mall but the bad thing was the mall doesn't open that early. As it was wet and cold that day, we decided the only smart thing to do was to have breakfast at No.9.

Honestly, No.9 wouldn't be my first choice if there were other places open or things to do but the great thing about it is it's cheap and it's 24hours. The reason I don't like it that much is because the smell of meat and grease is too strong and the service is pretty bad(but it's a chinese restaurant, can't expect much).

We looked over the breakfast menu and ordered M and O, Mushroom & Cheese melette and Fried Two Eggs w/Toasts.

Breakfast Menu

As you can see, the omelette did not quite look like the the picture on their menu.

This is O. We asked for scrambled eggs... it was fine just not too scrambled looking.

Overall it's alright, this time the servers didn't yell at us and the food was plenty that we couldn't finish and it was real cheap.

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No.9 Restaurant

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  1. LOL...I was wondering why you got up so early when I read the first sentence!