Thursday, September 9, 2010

Staurt's Bakery @ Oakridge Mall and Rice Ball Stand @ T&T Supermarket Metrotown

In between meal time, I was strolling around Oakridge Mall with my friend. I pass by Staurt's Bakery stand all the time but have never tried any of their stuff. I've always just walked by and looked into their display window and wondered. My friend was getting coffee from Starbucks so we thought we'd pick one thing from there to share. She pointed at the Italian Tiramisu right away as she's a big fan of Tiramisu.

Small Tiramisu


This is ours!

"Not the best tiramisu I've had", as my friend said, "but it's not too bad."
They are a bit pricy I think, but I think I will probably go back and try some of their other stuff out later.

T&T Supermarket (Metrotown Centre Location)

T&T Supermarket is pretty much one of my weekly stops for grocery shopping. If you've never had a rice ball before, then you must it try out at their rice ball stand. They have maybe five or six items that are vegetarian (some of them have garlic and onions).

So how it works is simple, first you pick between regular white sticky rice or the black sticky rice and then four items to go into your rice ball.

These are all the items they have.

Then they make the rice ball for you.

My favourite combination :)
Raddish with pickle, red sweet bean curd thingy, marinated egg, and chinese fried donut.

Staurt's Bakery(Oakridge Mall)
T&T Supermarket(Metrotown Centre)

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