Monday, September 20, 2010

Applause Japanese Restaurant

Took a day trip down to Seattle Premium Outlet with my brother's family. We didn't get back until late evening and we were trying to decide where to go for dinner on our way back to my place, then I remembered Applause Sushi. I went there for a friend's birthday dinner a few weeks ago. I took some pics that time but not all. I was too hungry and ate all the sushi before I realized I hadn't taken pictures yet... yeah, it still happens...

They have curtains that act as dividers to give more privacy for each table :) very cool design.

This is my niece :) Chubby little cutie. She's 100% veggie baby and she's bigger than most of babies her age too.

I was really happy to find croquette on their menu, both vegetarian too :) Ordered both right away, then we pretty much covered all the vegetarian maki on the menu except the soy sheet maki. My brother wanted to have donburi so we asked them to make a special order for a vegetarian donburi. We also got agedashi tofu and tamago sushi.

They have very nice service, typical great Japanese waitress service. Food is pretty good too, no messy rolls. It's a busy place, reservation is recommended if you go during meal times.

Corn Cream Croquette and Yasai Croquette

Inside of croquettes

Agedashi Tofu

Tamago Sushi

Vegetable Don - Rice with Vegetable Tempura on top and Sauce.

Sweet Potato Roll

Sweet Potato Roll, Vegetable Roll, Avocado Roll, Oshinko Roll

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Applause Japanese Restaurant

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