Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Red Robin on Robson

Yet another group lunch downtown. We had a large group, about 9 people, so we had to find a place that has big enough tables to fit us all. This time it was a pick between Korean food and Red Robin. Korean was too far for some so we settled for Red Robin.

I was not too happy with how they handled our reservation situation. When I first called, they told me they don't take reservations but if I would call in 20 mins before our scheduled lunch, they would not have a problem preparing and holding a table for us. So I called in twenty minutes early like they told me to on the day of lunch and the answer i got was different. They told me they would not be able to do it because lunch is a busy time for them. I wasn't happy to hear that but there was nothing else I could do so I tried to get there as fast as I could to make sure we would get a table. When I got there, I told the hostess we had a group of nine and she looked at me and said, 'are they all coming within the next few mins?' I was really not happy at this point but my job of getting a table was not done yet so I just said yeah. Then with an attitude, she said she will go look for a table for me. It turned out they weren't even that busy!!! It was a nice day out so we took a patio sit. I looked around and most tables were empty the whole time we were there. Anyways, I just wish they could have been nicer!

Let's move on to the food part. The good thing about RR is that they could swap all the burger patties to veggie patty, so you could pretty much try all the burgers on their menu. And of course, their famous bottomless fries, as many fries as you can eat! I didn't get a second basket of fries though. I already had trouble finishing the ones in my basket. I ordered the sauteed shroom burger with veggie patty. It's so goooood, just a bit messy to eat because i am a slow eater and the mushrooms get soggy and the whole thing starts dripping after a while. But nothing can go wrong with swiss cheese melted on mushrooms!!

My sauteed shroom burger with veggie patty.

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Red Robin

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