Monday, August 9, 2010


After a couple hours of workout at the sample sale, we got hungry.. and yes... shopping is a workout and it's tiring. When you have to fight for your size and style amongst racks and piles of clothing and women looking for a deal, it is a major workout. So we stopped by this sushi place on Broadway, where my friend usually goes to after her real workouts.

They have quite a few vegetarian items on the menu.

Since it was a weird in between meal time, and my friend doesn't like eating meat in front of me, we decided to go light and share stuff. We settled on getting the Vegetable Combo 2 and an order of Yam Roll. The combo came with a miso soup.

Here's the soup, and it also came with extra tofu and seaweed attached to the outside of the bowl... (we scrapped them off to the table)

Their yam roll is interesting, I've never had yam rolls that have yam on top like that. And mushrooms in between the yam and rice.

Then finally, the combo with Spinach Roll, Asparagus Roll, and Vegetable roll and one piece or Inari.

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Sushiyama (Urban Spoon)


  1. Dude...nice life....tea times and sample sales....lucky bum!

  2. wonder how many other bums write food blogs.. I am lucky!