Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bodhi Choi Heung - Vegetarian Restaurant

It was pretty late when we got to the restaurant. Surprisingly it was still busy and it wasn't the 1st or 15th of the lunar month either. We were first seated at a big round table but it was awkwardly positioned by the entrance and front window that we didn't really feel comfortable seating in. So we asked to switch over to a rectangular four seated table and we ended up ordering a bit too much and almost had no space for all the dishes.

We went with the usual four person meal set, in which we get a starter, and get to pick from a list of dishes, one soup, two appetizers, and four main dishes. The set also comes with a bucket of rice and sweet soup at the end. It's funny that I was looking for the page containing the english version of the set meals on the menu to take pictures of, but I couldn't find it. And on the English side of the menu, there was a page with lunch combo special or something and another page that I could not find on the Chinese side either. I wonder why >.< it was a bit confusing.

I like this place even though we haven't come back in a while. But I was a bit disappointed with their cooking this time. Some of the dishes tasted rushed, the veggies were undercooked. I think it's because it was a busy night for them.

This is the Hot and Sour Tofu Soup.

I forgot to take a picture of the appetizer, well, before it was half gone anyways. The pic just doesn't look too good to be up here.

This is two small dishes together, Fried Chili Tofu and Deep Fried Wanton.

We got two Clay Pots, Salty Diced Veggie Chicken Tofu and Curry Taro Veggie Lamb.

And a Black Pepper Veggie Chicken with Peas.

We also ordered some noodles because the table beside us had noodles and it made us want some... plus I have a weak spot for HK style noodles. Vegetarian Chicken Fried Noodles in Black Bean Sauce.

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