Friday, August 27, 2010

Golden Fortune Vegetarian Restaurant

This is our second time back at the Golden Fortune Vegetarian Restaurant. The first time was to try it out when it opened up a few months back. We drove by it a lot so we thought we should try it out. We ordered two dishes and they recommended us to get the deep fried oyster mushrooms. We didn't want to because it would be too much food, but they insisted saying that we should at least try a small order, then we gave in. When it came, it was HUGE... several pieces fell of the plate because it was too full. It was definitely not small, and valued more than 4 dollars. I think they were being generous because they wanted to make a good impression. I guess it worked too, we felt bad and thought we would go back again in the future. So we did our best, a few months later, we're back again for the second time trying out their dim sum.

Their menu is not too bad but quite a few items have been crossed off the dim sum section. I wouldn't be complaining if the Rice Roll with Chinese Donut was still on the menu though. I've been craving for it and seems like everywhere we go they're out of it.

Here are some menu pics.

We ordered about seven items, which was really more than we could handle. We could have ordered a couple items less and still be pretty full. They gave us an unexpected extra 10% off our bill, so it turned out to be about 10 dollars per person and we were stuffed.

This is the deep fried wonton and I thought it was really cool because I've never had it this way before with the veggies in the sauce and you put everything on top of the wonton.

Enoki Mushroom Congee

Chili Pepper Fried Oyster Mushrooms

Turnip Cake

Pan Fried Dumpings

Steam Bun Rolls

Steamed Veggie Shrimp Rice Roll

I would come back again for dim sum just because it's such a good value eating here :) and their food is pretty decent too.

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  1. Mmmmm could we go this one too?!!!! What time do you usually go dim sum?!