Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Another group lunch downtown. It was a pick between Tropika and Indian food, four to two, and another two more that just tagged along :P

We used to come to Tropika a lot too for group lunches. It is usually very busy, reservation is definitely recommended. Their food is not bad, but unfortunately they are not that veggie friendly. They don't have a lot of vegetarian items on the menu. I'm pretty sure they would take special requests but I almost always get the same thing at lunch. There is a vegetarian combo on the lunch menu that I like a lot - Combo D - Lunch Sayur Lemak Combo. It has rice, curry mixed vegetables, a spring roll and fried tofu stuffed with peanut sauce :)

Here are some pictures of the lunch menu.

A picture of my lunch combo D~

Tropika (Downtown) on Urbanspoon

Tropika Restaurant Group

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