Wednesday, July 11, 2012

East Is East

Have been eating lots but haven't posted much lately...  So this is again a while back when the sun was still in hiding. Totally loving the weather now :D I've been to East is East is quite a few times to get their regular hot chai with my friend who is very much hooked on it. This time we're here to try the food out.

When I called to make a reservation for 4 people, only times left were like 430 or after 8, so we went for a very early dinner. There's not a lot of sitting inside, but the atmosphere is great and the service is very friendly.


They have a very good menu of vegetarian/vegan selections. We ordered 2 veggie rice bowls, both saag paneer and 2 veggie roti rolls, one with eggplants and the other I forgot. We all enjoyed the food although the portions weren't very big. My friends had the silk route feast before and recommended it. I know I will be getting that next time I'm back here :P

We also ordered two yogurt lassies, mixed berries and mango. Good stuff :)

Thought I would take a pic of the bill so I remember what I ordered... but then it doesn't have all the details I need :(

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