Thursday, July 19, 2012

Whole Vegetarian Restaurant

This is a long overdue post on Whole Vegetarian Restaurant. I'm guessing probably 90% of the vegetarian people in Vancouver know about this place already. It's been at the same location since forever. Well, it used to be Bo Kong Vegetarian Restaurant, which had another location in Richmond, but both of them closed down maybe a year or two ago and Whole Vegetarian Restaurant (Same owners as Whole Vegetarian Food Inc) took over. Their menu pretty much stayed the same. (From the rumors I've heard, it was something to do with increasing the lease so Bo Kong had to move out :P Bo Kong has now reopened at a new location tho, called Po Kong. I will post about it soon too) 

We usually come here for dim sum now, there's just not that many veggie dim sum choices around town anymore, it makes me sad :( Anyways, the pics I took were from a dinner we had a while back. I will do another update next time I go there for dim sum again.

Lower right is one of my usual favourite dishes, Sizzling Chow Mein, if I have the craving for Cantonese style crispy noodles. It's slightly pricier than other crispy noodles on the menu because it's served on a hot iron plate. If you haven't had it before, it's a good choice to go with, but otherwise I think other crispy noodles are as good :) Middle top dish should be Bean Curd Skin Roll with Black Sauce.

I think this was Jai Combination, basically marinated bean curds :)

Another one of our usual favourite dishes - Tasty Fresh Shiitake Mushroom. I guess the name really doesn't tell much about the dish other than it's shiitake mushrooms :P It's basically deep fried shiitake mushrooms with sweet and sour flavour. It's really good, I recommend it.  

I think this is an item from the clay pot section, might be Taro and Vegetarian Cutlet Hot pot. Sorry it's been a while I don't remember, but it was good I remember that. 

This is from a couple weeks ago from one of the dim sum runs. I felt like congee that day, so I ordered the Enoki Mushrrom and Bean Curd Skin Congee. The large is about 5 bowls and small about 3, that's what the waiter told us when we asked about the size. It was so good we finished up right away and I decided to order another small Corn Congee because both my sister-in-law and niece enjoyed the congee a lot too. So I will hopefully have some more dim sum soon and have the updates up after :)

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