Thursday, July 12, 2012

Glowbal Grill

Beautiful Saturday morning my friend and I walked around Yaletown once again looking for a place for brunch. Last time we went to Milestones because we both like it and also it was one of the few restaurants with packed patios, which you just know it should be good :P It's funny to see a few patios filled up and others quite empty. People would rather wait for a seat than take a chance on the less busy places. We walked by Glowbal Grill and it was quite busy. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go there at first because even though I know Glowbal restaurants have good food, they are also not very vegetarian friendly as in not a lot of selections. Then I remembered a friend told me their french toast is really good, so I thought I would give it a try. 

As soon as we set down, we were offered a small dim sum bucket of mini donuts! Good stuff :)

Then later on more free stuff - strawberry smoothie shots!

The thing about brunch is, for me anyways, there's always the sweet choices like waffles, french toasts and such, which I absolutely love, but it's so hard to commit on ordering a meal with just sweet stuff because if it's a meal, I want something salty in it too else it doesn't feel like a meal. I know I know, sorry but it's just in my Asian blood, can't help it... >_< This time though I had some food already earlier so I was confident enough to order something sweet with no regret. I enjoyed it a lot but it was so very sweet even for me. I could not finish the center at the end, I had to give up. My friend had to stop me too because my whole face was turning red from all the sugar. 

My friend who always orders vegetarian meals when eating out with me almost had to settle for something non-veggie this time, partly because she's a picky eater but also because like I said, the vegetarian selection is not big. Good thing she felt like having eggs and she likes mushrooms, so she decided to just go with the mushroom frittata and to her surprise and mine too, she really liked it. She even liked the potatoes and salad, which she doesn't usually but she pretty much finished everything with a smile on her face. Overall we both enjoyed the food and the service was nice too :)

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