Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cafe Salade de Fruits

My friend has been telling me about Cafe Salade de Fruits, this cute French cafe by his work, for a long time that I should go try it out with him. It's located on W7th Ave close to Granville Street, like 2 blocks away from his office. For some reasons I have this idea of that area being pretty deserted, but it is really not, lots of foot traffic and cute little restaurants and stores.

It's inside the French cultural center.

They are cash only by the way, so remember to bring cash :)

My friend told me this place is small and fills up fast so we have to be there early. We got there around noon, just right before the lunch crowd. By the time we got our food, the place was packed and the lineup outside was getting longer and longer. My friend really comes here all the time for lunch, as soon as the waiter saw my friend he said, "veggie sandwich to go?" The service is friendly even when it gets quite busy and I love his french accent, it's very cute :) 

Not a big menu but they have a few vegetarian items on there.

Since my friend has been telling me how good their veggie sandwich is, that's exactly what I got - veggie sandwich with fries. No ketchup here :) Just mayonnaise~

Friend's veggie sandwich with salad. 

I enjoyed my sandwich, it's got grilled veggies and brie and there is A LOT of fries... I couldn't finish even half of the fries, but they're very good too. I would like to come back and try out their other veggie stuff in the future for sure :)

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