Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Fish House In Stanley Park

We were lucky, happened to pick a beautiful sunny Saturday for our friend's baby shower. It was a surprise one too, we all arrived a little early at The Fish House in Stanley Park, waiting for her to show up. I didn't know if parking was easy or close, turned out there is a pay parking right by The Fish House and tennis courts.

There were 9 of us, all mamas, two kids and one mama-to-be. It was funny how many families with babies were there for brunch that day :) I looked around and there were at least 3 other tables holding little ones, and that's just on this side of the restaurant.

Before the meals came, a basket of bread and butter came and also a croissant or a mini blueberry muffin was offered, I picked the muffin :)

There are about two or three vegetarian items on the brunch menu. I ordered the vegetarian benedict. Nothing too special for vegetarians on the menu but the benedict was nicely prepared.

The service was great, the waiter was really nice and the restaurant atmosphere was quiet and comfortable, I certainly hope we weren't too loud. It was great for our gathering, I think everyone enjoyed the baby shower there. 

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