Thursday, February 14, 2013

Heirloom Vegetarian

Have been very busy for the last while, but I guess that's not really an excuse for not updating my blog. Well, hopefully I will be able to update more often again. A friend couple that's getting married is in town and last night with two more friends, we all met up for dinner. We got a table for 6 at Heirloom on 12th Avenue and Granville Street. Heirloom is one of the recently opened vegetarian fine dining restaurants in Vancouver. There is free street parking right outside the restaurant on 12th after 6pm, it's quite convenient. 

Inside it's very roomy with high ceilings and great lighting, the atmosphere is quite relaxing. We got there a bit after 6pm and quickly most tables were filled up. But it didn't feel crowded as there are good spacing between tables.

We got pretty much every dish from the entree section of the menu.
Cuban Black Bean Chili
Butter Chickpea Curry
Savory Crepe
Pappardelle Pasta
Tempeh Reuben
Blue Lemonade
I ordered the Tempeh Reuben and the Blue Lemonade, and also got to try a bit of the Chili and Crepe. I didn't enjoy the lemonade too much, but the tempeh reuben was pretty good. The Chili was interesting because it came with rice(and corn chips) almost makes you feel like you're not eating chili when eating with rice. I had a bite of the crepe and I thought it was pretty good. Service was friendly and overall the food enjoyable. They have vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options, and they are also good with dietary restrictions. I would definitely go back again, but before I do, I would like to try out the other newly opened vegetarian restaurants first.

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