Sunday, February 17, 2013

Kita No Donburi

This is from last summer, or even before that. Forgot exactly how I came across this place online, but I was surprised to see it offers more than one option of veggie donburi. Kita no Donburi is located on Seymour Street, across from Habour Centre. I met up with a friend who works downtown a few blocks away for lunch that day.  

Not that big inside, it was already full when we got there and we didn't really want to wait, so they asked if we would like take the table outside. There are two tables right outside. It was a bit weird eating outside as it was right on the sidewalk and we kept getting stared at by passersby.

Natto Don
Natto Don
Veggie Don
Veggie Roll
I had the natto don and my friend ordered the veggie don and veggie roll. I thought their price is good but the portion is really not that big.  It's okay for girls, but probably not enough for most guys.   I was quite excited to try out their veggie dons, but I would have to say the food was just alright. However, if you've never had veggie dons before, this might be a better place to try it out since most restaurants don't have veggie dons and if they do, chances are they are really just vegetables on rice with soy sauce.

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