Friday, March 8, 2013

The Parker

Last week for a good friend's birthday, I thought we should go try out The Parker, another recently opened vegetarian restaurant in Vancouver.  We weren't sure if we needed reservation but I was glad we did, because when we got there around 7:30pm, the place was pretty much packed. The restaurant is small, maybe 5 or so tables for 2 and then bar seats. 

We each got one of the none alcoholic drink they have, it was good :) After looking through the menu we decided to just get everything except the Ravioli. Since it's sharing style and on the bottom of the menu it says 5 plates for 2 people is suggested, 11 items sounded about right for 4 of us. 

First dish we got. I actually don't think this is on the menu, but I think they were quail eggs.

Then Kimchi.
Sunchoke soup with Taro chips (sooo good)

Taro chips and Warm Jersey Blue Cheese with sesame crackers

Chickpea fries with special house-made ketchup (gooood)

Barbecue mushroom mini tacos

Kohlrabi (pickled ginger with miso dressing and seaweed) (not too bad)

Radishes (with salt and butter)

Potato Gnocchi(top) Shiitake mushroom and smoked soy(bottom)

Sous Vide Beets

Braised beans (not bad)

Finally, my friend ordered the Mini Creme Brulee from the dessert menu.

In the beginning we were all thinking that we were probably going to be still hungry after all the dishes. We had three big guys and one hungry breastfeeding mom, but surprisingly we all felt pretty full afterwards. Chickpea fries, Sunchoke soup with Taro Chips, and Braised beans were the dishes we enjoyed the most after trying out all the items we ordered. We would definitely recommend ordering the chickpea fries and the soup. In fact the table next to us, who came in after us that looked like they had been there before, the only things they ordered were the fries and soup. They knew what to go for ;)

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