Thursday, February 21, 2013

Capstone Tea & Fondue

This is another very delayed post :P It was a girls night out last summer, we decided to try out Capstone at the Richmond location for more convenient parking. It was about 2/3 full when we arrived, only 2 people working at the restaurant that night so the service was a little slow.   

After looking over the menu, between the four of us, I think we got the ice cream truffle fondue and the cheesecake decadent fondue. 

my tea


They didn't have all the flavours of ice cream that night, from the picture it looked like we had maybe 2 or 3 different flavours. I really enjoyed the ice cream in chocolate fondue, it was really really good. There were also biscuits, cheesecakes, fruits and breads. Definitely too much food for us. We had to pack a lot of leftovers home.


I just love how the chocolate hardens right away into a thin crust outside of the ice cream :) So I would for sure go back again for more yummy ice cream fondue!

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