Friday, November 2, 2012

Taiwan Trip - Part XIII - Japan Trip Day1 (Part2)

We were trying to find a place with wifi and where better than Starbucks! There was one right by the transit station close to our hotel.

Starbucks dude that was very nice and helpful with pretty good English. He gave us a piece of paper with instructions to set up wifi on iphones. Unfortunately we still weren't able to figure out how to get it working. We only figured out it had to go through or something to do with Softbank, a Japanese telecommunications company.

The famous street market under the railway tracks - Ameyoko Market

I looked up some cake places beforehand to check out when we're in Japan. Harbs was one of them and it happened that there was one inside the department store near by our hotel. We actually wandered around the streets and saw the department store and just went in to see what's in there. It was late already when we got there so we decided to come back another day for the cakes.


On our way back to the hotel, on the side of the street there was a small store with lights still up selling cylinder shaped cakes, Baumkuchen. Nyuto-Seika is the store name. I forgot if we picked one up that night or another day. I guess it will come up again in a later post if it was on a later day. I remembered it was a bit on the sweet side.

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