Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Taiwan Trip - Part X

Nova electronics mall is one of the must-go shopping spots if you're looking for a good deal on electronics, especially computer products.


Three levels to the mall - 1st floor

2nd floor


I think we spent a good few hours in the afternoon walking around, checking out new products and looking for things.

Stall after stall and aisle after aisle of electronics products

Tea time~
from the vending machine outside

milk green tea

We shopped til the sun went down. The plan was to take a cab over to this restaurant my brother wanted to try out.

It's located in one of the dark and smaller streets, but looking for the sign should get you there.

I think the translation is 'Clear Stone'. It is supposed to be famous for their veggie cutlet which has cheese in the center.


Help yourself water station


Veggie cutlet and pickled veggie

Soup noodles


Curry rice

Looking through my food pics I have realized that we seem to be always eating either curry or hotpot. It is funny but those are two of my favourite meals, so I shouldn't be surprised that I would be ordering them at any restaurant for the first time :P

The food here is really good, the cutlet is definitely worth a try. It's not expensive either, most things are between 3 to 5 dollar range on the menu.

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