Sunday, February 12, 2012

Taiwan Trip - Part XI

Day eleven, two days before our trip to Japan, all packed up we headed north again to Taipei visiting relatives before flying out. We got to my aunt's place around dinner time, awaited us already my aunt's home-cooked veggie meal. My aunt's family's not vegetarian but every time we visit, no matter how busy she is, she would always always prepare something just for us :)

Broccoli, eggs, tofu and veggie sausages.


Salty crispy chicken(or salt and pepper fried chicken) is one of the famous Taiwanese snacks. And of course, there is always a vegetarian version of it to be found :) So it is really pretty much a bunch of deep fried bite sized food that can be picked with a stick.



Veggie Chickens

Veggie Fishcake

Veggie Oysters

Night was still young, and what else is better than taking a stroll around the night market. My sister in law lives right by the HuaShi Night Market, one of Taiwan’s most popular night market, and yes, sadly it's the one with the snack alley :( We saw a lot of tourists while walking around. I really wish the snack shops weren't one of the attractions.

HuaShi Night Market

Stores inside

Not really any vegetarian food here, but there's always sweets :)

Mochi Store, 55 year old mochi place

My Giant Mochi!!! Yum!

On our way back, we passed by the smaller night market near by.

Still not really any veggie stuff, then we saw the Grilled corn stand.
Taiwanese style grilled corn is sooooo good! Usually they have cooked corns in the front for you to pick and then you pick a flavour you want, such as spicy, salt and pepper, etc, and they'll grill it for you :)

Mini game stands

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